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12/23/05 12:44 pm - smasharash

Which name combination do you prefer?
Amelia Annabel
Amelia Fern
Amelia Haley
Amelia Hazel
Amelia Ivy
Amelia Jasmine
Amelia Lily
Amelia Skye
Amelia Willow
Amelia Wren


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Which name combination do you prefer?
Eliza Annabel
Eliza Fern
Eliza Haley
Eliza Hazel
Eliza Jasmine
Eliza Kaitlin
Eliza Lily
Eliza Skye
Eliza Sophie
Eliza Willow
Eliza Wren


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12/13/05 10:33 pm - smasharash

Hi, I'm new to this community. Anyway, I'm not pregnant - just obsessed with baby names! Here are a few polls, and also feel free to make any suggestions :)

Which name combination do you prefer?
Lily Annabel
Lily Aurora
Lily Amelia
Lily Eliza
Lily Grace
Lily Hazel
Lily Olivia
Lily Ruth
Lily Skye
Lily Sophie


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Which name combination do you prefer?
Amelia Annabel
Amelia Autumn
Amelia Grace
Amelia Hazel
Amelia Jasmine
Amelia Kaitlin
Amelia Ruth
Amelia Rose
Amelia Skye
Amelia Sophie


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Which name combination do you prefer?
Kaitlin Amelia
Kaitlin Annabel
Kaitlin Aurora
Kaitlin Autumn
Kaitlin Eliza
Kaitlin Elsa
Kaitlin Erica
Kaitlin Fern
Kaitlin Hazel
Kaitlin India
Kaitlin Ivy
Kaitlin Lily
Kaitlin Lydia
Kaitlin Olivia
Kaitlin Skye
Kaitlin Sophie
Kaitlin Wren
Kaitlin Ruby
Kaitlin Ruth


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Which name combination do you prefer?
India Annabel
India Haley
India Hazel
India Jasmine
India Kaitlin
India Ruth
India Sophie


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12/11/05 12:14 am - infectedpsyche - Maybe I'm just weird...

I'm new here and though I am not married yet (engaged) I love thinking up baby names for my future child. Here is a list of my favroites thus far.. feel free to tell me your favorite or if you dislike/like any of the name:

Amadeus - My favorite right now... it means "Love of God"
Ezekiel - I like it for the nickname Zeke and for the meaning "God Strengthens"
Vincent - I'm a big Vincent Price fan (lol not a great reason I guess)
Jedi - (not for Star Wars.. though I know people will associate the name with star wars right away)

favorite Combination: Amadeus Dane and Tobias Flint

Willow - I love it because it is earthy and elegant.. a very ethereal name and also a bit odd (which is aways good for me)
Sydney - Syd for a nickname
Rowan - Pronounced more like Roan than Ro-wan
Morticia - I've always like dark sounding names but I like this one because of the nickname Tish
Eden - not my fave but I still like it

Favorite Combination - Willow Everlee <3 or possibly December Willow (though it sounds like a variation of a Willow Tree X3)

so what do you think?

6/15/05 08:15 am - cawakening - Hello!

Hi! I'm doing a project on names and I'm trying to get an opinion about certain names. If you want, could you please tell me what you think of the following names and what they remind you of? Thank you very much!
The NamesCollapse )

6/2/05 02:55 pm - xopink_heartsox

what would be a good middle name for savannah.

5/24/05 11:37 pm - artistiquemommy

I want such a beautiful and unique name for my daughter... Does anyone like the name McKenna Lorainne? I can't think of a middle name for McKenna. It's driving me nuts!! I also love the name Peyton Claire. (Can't think of a middle name for Peyton either!) I don't know if I'm gonna use Peyton because a girl on my street just had a daughter and named her that, but I love that name so much!

5/24/05 08:11 pm - xopink_heartsox

hello i m doing all i can to think of a good name for my little girl. and i was wondering what ya'll thought about autumn rayne (rain) or jayden rayne (rain). which one sounded better. or if they sounded good at all. thank you.

5/23/05 01:13 pm - artistiquemommy - Unique Names

I'm expecting my daughter in October and my mom and I are fighting ove rnames. It doesn't look like her father is involved with the decision making, so there really isn't any other input. The name I love more than anything is D'Andra Rose. Do you like that name? Another name I love is Aubrielle Lynn. I'm really into unique names and I just need some advice. Thanks so much!!

5/12/05 06:25 pm - balamuthia - Some name drama...

Hello there!

My boyfriend and I are expecting our first (and probably only) little one in October.

We've gone over a whoooole lot of names, and agreed on very few. One that we do agree on (if it's a boy) is Juniper. It's a popular German boys' name, and I've known one other baby boy named Juniper.

Now, his brother freaked when we mentioned it. Not that I feel it's any of his bloody business, but he claims we're cursing "his nephew" with a girls name, and that he'll be picked on.

We've had several friends say they liked it.

What do you think?

5/10/05 12:06 pm - cathkitten

Is it too, too awful to name a child "Felicity?" I've loved the name forever, it's one of my favorite characters' names in one of my favorite books (LM Montgomery's The Golden Road), but it's SUCH an unusual name. Also, my maiden name (a horrible Germanic name that I could never give my children as a first name) means "happy" and since I'm the last one in that line, I'd like to give one of my children a name that means the same thing as a way of carrying it on.

I seem to remember there was a TV show called Felicity a few years back? Is this the first thing everyone will think of when hearing my child's name?
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