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My sister knows a kid named Stardoeg (pronounced "Star-dog.") Is that even a name? (Don't tell me it's a name if somebody gives it to their child-his mother was actually high when she gave birth to him, and I'm just curious if anyone else has ever heard of it.)

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Okay I know I just made a post, but I just came across the post about guilty pleasures in names. I mentioned it in my comment to the post- but what does everyone thing of Sunny for a girl? Is it just to ridiculous?

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I need some help with names. I am due in august with boy #2. My sons name is ezekiel sebastian harley. I want another good strong name that is unique. Here's what I have picked out so far...
I need some more, my boyfriend and I are not agreeing with ANYTHING:(
he like's edward, and unless his middle name is scissorhands, that would be boring.
PLEASE help me.

Battlestar Galactica

Yep, I'm a fan. As such, I've become infatuated with the name Kara. And even Lee, a little. Since I've already decided on the middle name if I someday have another girl:

Kara Meaghan
Karalee Meaghan

I'm so silly.

More lists, more names

My sister and I had created a list we amde (very quickly) of names we maybe liked. I thought I lost it, but I just found it today.

Here is what's on it. I'm adament about having a girl so these are only girl names. (I won't know what we are having until another 3.5 weeks though.)

May or Mae I don't know
Starla (my sisters fave, but she's weird)

What do people think of Jane? I know it's plain Jane, but how many people do you actually know with that name? (Now, I'll get 100 comments of 50 million people who know Janes) I have always though it was cute.


What do you all think?

My mom suggested Savannah for a girl. What do you think? I can't thnk of any nicknames for it (I love nicknames, and having the ability to shorten my name). BUT that also means I have to kick Johanna as a middle name, which makes me rethink using Savannah even more. (And am I even spelling it right, hahahaha!) What do you all think?

She also suggested Dawson for a boy... I said no way. Anyone else watch Dawson's Creek when they were growing up?

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Turtle: Oh damn... not again!

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Hey everyone!
I was wondering if you could help me find names that are girls' names and boys' names alike. There have to be some, right?
Just throw anything in the discussion you can think of, even if you don't like it I might :)
And a happy new year!!